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CRP recycles several materials including Plastics, Paper, Metals, Skids/Wood and Glass.

Plastic Recycling

We have built great relationships throughout the World making it possible to have end user pricing and moving the toughest of all plastic materials.

Pallet Recycling

We supply and recycle standard and odd sized skids to fit our customers needs.

On-Site Recycling Programs

CRP sets up Customized On-Site Programs for our customers.  Our proven programs maximize the value of your material(s) while reducing shipping costs.  Our customers see the difference as a significant, ongoing revenue stream!

Paper Recycling

We purchase several different fiber grades and again are known for being able to move the difficult grades making us a premier choice for your recycling needs.

Glass Recycling

We purchase several different scrap metals at a highly competitive price!  (Non-Residential)


We work closely with several glass buyers making it possible for our customers to remove glass out of their waste streams.  While quantity has become a large issue in glass recycling we have shown the ability to move our customers glass in small, skid increments!

We manage all of the logistics for your recycling needs.  We provide staged trailers with switch outs, live loads, box truck pick-ups for smaller accounts with limited floor space and flat bed pick-ups if your material is stored on ground level or if a dock is unavailable.

Equipment Provided
The Bottom Line

We provide all of our customers with the correct equipment for them to process all of their materials that they produce!

CRP knows what needs to be done to better your bottom line.  We will provide you with several tailor-made options, explaining each one thoroughly.  Once an option is chosen, we will begin the smooth transition, while executing everything with a business-like approach.  We look forward to welcoming you to the CRP family!

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